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Road to Repeatability


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SMB customers today buy in a different way than in the recent past, with regard to the so-called. ' Buying journey ' a major shift has taken place from physical purchasing to the use of online channels (websites, blogs, forums and social media)) in both the orientation and sale stage. In addition to Sales, Marketing has a crucial role in getting in touch with future customers and generating new sales opportunities.

Partners who continue to sell in the traditional way are at risk to miss the boat. Microsoft has set up the project Road to Repeatability (R2R) to learn Dynamics partners how to deal optimally with this new purchasing behavior.

The program is specifically tailored to partners by QBS group and consists of a three classroom workshops, each preceded by an introduction webinar with a preparatory command. 

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Road to Repeatability training course overview



Track 1 - Leadership PDC-001 2  
Track 2 - Marketing PDC-002 2  
Track 3 - Sales PDC-003 2  

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