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Master VAR event Italy

On April 9th 2014, the Master VAR concept was introduced to the Italian Microsoft Dynamics partners. According to Tine Plambech, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Dynamics NAV & C5 Microsoft Europe “The event was a great success and can definitely serve as a best practice on how to introduce the MVAR in a ‘new’ country”.

In total 150 guests, representing 70 companies attended the event, both current Dynamics partners as well as potential partners that are interested in becoming a Dynamics partner.

Next to why a MVAR and the benefits of joining QBS group, topics such as being successful in the cloud and setting up a repeatable business model, the need for partners to focus on vertical markets, the need for change and change management as well as focus on training were presented and discussed. Microsoft Italy presented on how Microsoft and QBS will work together on developing joint marketing activities that will bring benefit to the partners.

In the coming months QBS group will take the next steps and have 1:1 meetings with partners that are interested in joining QBS group.

Master VAR Italy 1Master Var Italy 2