Dynamics 365 Acceleration Program

Are you a Microsoft Reseller who is looking for new growth possibilities and a way to honor the needs of your customers for an end-to-end solution? With Microsoft Dynamics 365 we see a tremendous opportunity for you as Microsoft Reseller.

Dynamics 365 Acceletarion Program (video 2:45)

With our deep roots in the Microsoft World, we offer to both existing Microsoft Resellers and new Dynamics 365 Partners our Dynamics 365 Acceleration Program. This program will help you to bring your business in the right direction for the future. We can help you to make your end to end Business Cloud solution, or better said Business Cloud SaaS a success. 

The Dynamics 365 Acceleration Program

But what does it mean to deliver such an integrated service? How do you build up a healthy Dynamics 365 practice? And how do you successfully market, sell and service Dynamics 365 and at the same time differentiate yourself from others?
With the Acceleration Program we are aiming to support you with these kind of challenges.

Infographic D365 For Sales Acceleration Program

Define your Strategy

In the first phase of the Program and through  a series of workshops, online and classical trainings, we will make sure you have a clear picture of your Dynamics 365 strategic options, sales & marketing approach and what kind of skills and competencies you need in order to build up your Dynamics 365 practice and make a profit.

Go into Action

In the next phase you will actually go into action! We will offer a selected portfolio of training resources for you to consume, developing your skills & competencies. Next to that we will provide you with marketing services for you to build up your own online marketing machine or even better; we will deliver Dynamics 365 Sales Qualified Leads “as a service” (L-A-A-S) for you to score your first deal(s).

Customer Acquisition

In the third phase of the Program we will make sure you know what it takes to win a deal, we will co-sell with you and assist you in the first cycles. We can deliver packaged services for you to resell, which drives ultra-fast end-user adoption and last but not least we will make sure you are aware how to service, bill and invoice your end customers

Get ready to accelerate your Dynamics 365 business and contact QBS group to hear more about how we can help you.

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Richard de Goederen
QBS group