PowerShots 2017 Edition

A two-day in-depth training on how to prepare for and move to developing Extensions 2.0 with VS Code for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 for Financials.

Target audience:
Solution Architect, Technical consultant, Developer. 

Knowledge of C/AL development. 

Powershots 2017 Agenda

Learning Objectives:
Participants will gain sufficient knowledge to implement NAV and train end-users. 

The PowerShots 2017 Edition will take place in 12 different countries from April 24th to June 15th.

Please check your local QBS Website for the availability in your country and additional information.


To follow this training, you need the latest version of the NAV Development Tools Preview.

Follow the instructions from this blog post to get your copy on Azure.
See the paragraph “I’m keen! How do I get started” for more information.

In case you don’t have an Azure subscription and opt for the 30-day trial, make sure your trial hasn’t expired before the training starts. An Azure trial comes with € 170 free credit and expires in one month. The cost of the virtual machine with the NAV development tools preview is about € 5.50 per day. 

Tip: use the Azure portal to shut down the virtual machine to save money.

A total list of posts about the NAV development tools preview can be found here.
Furthermore, we recommend to read this article.

Information about equipment will be communicated two weeks in advance.

Course duration:
2 days

12 Countries 

April 24th to June 15th