Important factors to consider when implementing a CRM solution

They key to a successful implementation

Implementing a CRM solution can be challenge. You can put many effort in it, and at the end it’s a challenge to meet the customer’s expectations. Every partner and customer wants to make the most out of their Sales or Marketing. But how to make it a success?

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In this edition of QBS Talks Arjen Jansen from MindsUnited will give you important factors you need to consider when you are implementing a CRM solution. After this session you’ll walk away with a great understanding of how to make the implementation of a CRM solution a success. 

'Important factors to consider when implementing a CRM solution'
7 September 2017 | 
16:00 - 17:00 CEST

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Arjen Jansen MU 
Arjen Jansen
CEO MindsUnited

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