What Dynamics NAV partners must change NOW.

5 crucial steps that make your business become repeatable and more successful.

Today’s prospective customers are different. They do their research anonymous. They look for complete, but low-risk solutions that are tailored for their specific demands. And they want you to deliver that solution set faster than ever before. Dynamics partners that set up a repeatable business model are more attractive for these prospects  than the traditional partners. They differentiate themselves on their industry knowledge. They sell more. They close deals faster and cheaper. And they have more satisfied customers since they're on well-known territory. In this session you'll get an overview of the 5 crucial steps that make your business become repeatable and more successful. If you're interested to grow your business in a cloud first, mobile first world - you definitely don't want to miss this session!

Target audience
Business owners and senior managers in Sales, Marketing, Development and Delivery 

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Qbs Talks 259X100
Tuesday 10 May 2016

16:00 - 16:45 CET

Guus Krabbenborg


Course duration:
45 minutes


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