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Being a Dynamics partner in todays market is like dancing on a volcano. The recent announcements around Dynamics 365 will make this effect even stronger! These days, Dynamics NAV partners face the biggest challenges ever in their companies history.

The combination of cloud, subscription pricing, new types of competitors, continuous innovation and the changing buying behavior invite business owners and their shareholders to explicitly step out of their comfort zones.

These trends call for new entrepreneurship, new business models and ongoing change. The question however is whether the current partner channel is ready, able, and willing to do so. If you want to read and learn more about this, order the Inspire Business report now.

In this Business Report we will not only cover the keynotes at Inspire 2017, but also various technical, functional and business sessions. 

On top of that we will publish exclusive interviews that we will have in Washington with Microsoft executives:

  • Marko Perisic - General Manager Dynamics 365
  • Jeff Edwards - Director ERP Channel strategy & programs

This unique and valuable report is bought by leading Dynamics partners from all over the world.

QBS group partners will receive this report for free as part of their membership. Partners who sign up as a QBS group partner before August 1st, 2017 will get a FREE copy as their welcome present. Non-QBS Microsoft partners pay only
€ 400,- exclusive VAT to receive a copy. 

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To get a good idea of what you can expect from our Inspire 2017 Business Report, you can now download the 2016 edition of our WPC Business report for free

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