Partners of QBS group are the best informed Microsoft partners

Partners of QBS group are the best informed Microsoft partners!

In July 2014 Microsoft organized the Worldwide Partner Conference – WPC2014 – in Washington. Over 16.000 attendees from 136 countries visited WPC, making this the largest WPC ever.
Since 2004, our sister company Partner Master Class has been producing a business report of this event. The business reports have been purchased by leading Microsoft partners from all over the world and hold important information that Microsoft partners cannot afford to miss.

Partners of QBS group are the best informed Microsoft partners!
As part of the membership QBS group provides the WPC Business Report to her partners for free. The WPC Business Report is a very valuable document and helps partners to understand the Microsoft strategies and to anticipate on these. Many of our partners use the report to validate and if necessary adjust their own strategy. The report provides answers to questions such as: “are we still doing the right things?”, “which developments are relevant to us?”, “what does this mean to the knowledge and experience of my people?”.

Curious to find out more?
Curious to find out more about the WPC Report? You can download the WPC 2013 report for free in the knowledge shop of Partner Master Class. If you are not a partner of QBS group, you can purchase the WPC2014 report directly from Partner Master Class.
Of course, becoming a partner of QBS group is the best way to make sure that you receive all relevant information in time and at no extra cost. And there is much more value to you in the membership than these business reports. Check out our partner program and partner services and sign up as QBS group partner!

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