Marketing & Lead Generation

Over the past decade the buying behaviour of B2B customers changed dramatically. In the past, customers generally relied on information provided to them by vendors and their salespeople. These days approximately 50%-70% of their so-called buying journey is online. Buyers now use information readily available to them through company websites, blogs, social media and forums/buyer groups to conduct their own research before deciding on a shortlist of potential suppliers to contact.

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It will become more common for you to engage with a potential new customer when he or she is already in the end phase of their buying journey. This makes it much more difficult to have an influence on their buying decision.  On top of this, many buying decisions are taken without you being aware of it. This could even be the case amongst your current customers!

This radical change in buying behaviour – from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, means that you have to change the way that you conduct your sales and marketing. Through your website content, search engine optimisation, online advertising, social media and webinars and by smart integration of traditional and modern marketing, you need to attract potential new customers to you, win their interest in your company and your services and ‘nurture’ leads into sales opportunities. According to, 78% of B2B buyers now start their research with online search, which demonstrates how important it is that you not only have a website that is well designed and has good quality content, but it is also essential that it is easy to find by the people that you want to do business with.

By offering relevant content, being an expert in your market segment and by having a unique proposition, you will be able to attract potential new customers and position yourself as a trusted advisor.

For all the reasons mentioned above, marketing has changed from carrying out sporadic campaigns to making sure that you communicate with your target market and potential buyers (on a personal level) at all times. Marketing is something that you do every day, it is always ON!

Are you ready?

QBS Marketing Services help partners to develop a concrete marketing plan and support partners with the development and execution of marketing campaigns.
We support partners with developing the right online marketing activities, content and lead generation campaigns, generating new sales opportunities and thus customer adds and revenue.

One of the questions is whether your organisation will be able to develop this new, modern marketing and sales approach yourself and by doing so, successfully influence the buying process in your market segment. Since we started, our marketing experts and the marketing partners that are part of our ecosystem have successfully supported our sales affiliates with all aspects of their marketing. This has included the successful development of Go-to-Market strategies, setting up marketing communications plans, conducting events, developing content, improving online performance and of course generating qualified leads.

The majority of our partnes' activities have been “single campaigns” and, although they can provided good results, we feel that you will benefit more if you develop a well thought out integrated approach, which combines various marketing activities that truly provide a better and longer lasting result.

Marketing Business Packages

In order to support the marketing activities of your organisation in a better and more structured way, we have developed a broad portfolio of services and also bundled these services in various marketing business packages. These packages provide you with a structured approach around themes such as Online Marketing, Content Marketing and Lead Generation. Of course we also offer our individual solutions in these areas, so we can support the needs of every partner. On the next pages you will find more information about our Marketing Business Packages and the various individual services.

Marketing budget

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And finally, we do not only provide you with great marketing services, we also provide you with marketing funding. We provide our partners with a marketing budget of up to 5% (depending on Service Level) over the perpetual license value that you order from us. Next to this Advanced and Extended partners can earn extra marketing budget based upon year over year license growth. Looking at the average marketing budgets of our partners, this represents an average increase of about 25% and provides you with a great start to improve your marketing success! 

Contact us, if you want to know more about this service.