Content is King

In order to attract visitors to your website, it is vital that you provide them with content that is relevant to the stage of the buying journey they are in. This means that you need content that addresses the needs of the buyer that is in an early stage of the buying journey (educational content) and content that addresses the needs of the buyer that is in the final stage of the buying journey (selling content).

The content you generate and share has a major influence on whether people put you on their shortlist and it can help guide them through their buying journey and to your front door (your website).  However, developing good quality content on a regular basis and using this in the correct way (website, social media, blogs and forums, optimising for search engines) is not an easy task, but it is crucial for success.

The “Content is King” marketing package has been designed to support partners that have a well-designed and built website, but need help developing the right content and to use it in the right way so that it attracts more visitors and generates more leads and enquiries.

The package bundles various content marketing solutions into one strong offering. We start with an audit of your current website content, digital assets and your content strategy. Based upon the outcome of this audit, we identify the areas of improvement and together we will work on developing an effective content strategy and plan.

This may include developing case studies, blog/news articles, whitepapers and videos to ensure that you have content which can be used for potential customers, whether they are in the early or late stage of the buying process.  This content can also be used in your other areas of marketing such as your social media, newsletters, e-shots and TeleBusiness activities. Our SEO specialist(s) will optimise for your target keywords, so that your company will rank higher in the search engines. After the initial 6 month period, we will carry out a detailed audit to review progress and to ascertain what effect the content strategy has had to date.

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The package includes:

  • Content  and online audit
  • Development of 2 case studies
  • Development of 1 solution video
  • Development of 1 white paper
  • Optimization of website and call-to-actions