Content Marketing

Content marketing is a critical part of any inbound marketing strategy and a vital component of an effective overall marketing strategy. B2B buyers no longer wait for salespeople to approach them – they do their own research online long before they are ready to engage with a provider and arrive already armed with information and questions.

With many prospects filtering out the more traditional and intrusive means of communication, the challenge is to provide them with well-timed, relevant and engaging content that educates and inspires. This means they are not only finding you in the first place but they are much more receptive once they actually do get in touch with you. An effective content marketing strategy will position you as an expert and thought-leader in your field. By demonstrating to your potential customers that you actually understand their challenges and issues, and showing how your solutions can solve them, it can set the foundations for a long-term business relationship.

Producing relevant, well written content on a regular basis is crucial but not easy. It is time consuming and if it’s not well written and easy to read, it won’t capture the attention of the people that you want to take notice of you. When it’s not done correctly, it can actually damage your company’s reputation and result in potential leads passing you by.

QBS group’s experienced marketing communication specialists and copywriters can help you to develop an effective content marketing strategy geared towards your particular target audience and based around your unique selling proposition.

The services we can provide include:

  • Content strategy consultancy
  • Content development for website, blog, newsletters, social media posts
  • Videos and animations
  • Whitepapers/solution papers
  • Case Studies and testimonials
  • Proofreading
  • Translations
70% of B2B buyers use a search engine at the start of their purchasing process.

As well as providing well written and relevant content, we can also use this content to improve your website’s Google rankings through our SEO services. This will involve distributing the content further afield and building good quality in-bound links to your website. Through keyword analysis we will be able to focus in on the keywords that your target audience are using when searching for information online. We can also help you to set-up and manage your social media activity, which plays a vital part in good content and SEO strategies.

Content Marketing allows you to quickly produce high-quality content and to make it available to your potential clients. Whilst we will work closely with you to ensure that the content we produce reflects your brand and your specialist expertise, we strive to make the process as efficient as possible so that you can spend your time managing the business and converting opportunities into sales.

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