Grow your Sales Funnel

A major challenge for most companies is to generate a good quality sales funnel and to add enough opportunities into the sales pipeline. Telemarketing, when used in conjunction with other forms of marketing such as Content, SEO, Social media, E-shots, Live Chat and Website Analytics can be an effective means of communicating with your target market at a much lower cost than using your sales force.

It is essential that you are set-up for success with your Telemarketing activity, by having good quality content on your website (people often visit your website after they have been called), a dedicated landing page to measure the success of your campaign and follow-up materials that the agent can send to people that are interested in receiving more information.

The “Grow your funnel!” marketing package has been developed to help your company to successfully achieve a healthy sales funnel growth.

The package bundles various TeleBusiness, content and online solutions into one strong offering. The first stage is to analyse and define the campaign objectives and to develop specific content to support the campaign. Also a dedicated landing page on your website will be developed in order to measure success. The content and landing pages will be optimised for search engines.

A good quality database is vital to the success of any TeleBusiness campaign.  We will support you with searching and selecting the correct database based on your target market and will agree a lead qualification criteria. We will then carry out the TeleBusiness campaign and will communicate our progress regularly. If required, we will make adjustments in order to ensure the best possible result. These types of campaigns typically generate some sales ready leads but many are marketing qualified leads that are not yet ready to convert into a meeting and therefore require nurturing.

We have learned that most partners are able to ensure a good follow-up of the sales qualified leads, but have difficulties finding the resources and time to nurture the longer term marketing qualified leads. That is why we also offer you the option for us to nurture the marketing qualified leads until they are ready to enter your sales funnel. This ensures that these leads do not go to waste or get lost to your competitors.

Contact us, if you want to know more about this service.

The package includes:

  • Campaign and content development
  • Development and optimisation of landing page
  • Support with selection of database
  • TeleBusiness lead generation, including follow-up of MQLs