Lead Generation

Next to providing budget (Marketing Quattro’s) and services that support you in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing and lead generating activities, we are also active in direct lead generation for you.

Many partners struggle in finding the right resources (time, budget, and people) to effectively generate marketing and sales qualified leads themselves. That is why we have developed various activities that do this on your behalf. Al you need to do is join the initiative!

ERP Central (United Kingdom)


In the UK we have launched the website ERPCentral early 2013. This site and the associated email and social marketing activities are positioning us a thought leader in the area of ERP and provide a growing stream of leads. By supporting and contributing to the content of the website, our partners get the benefit of receiving leads generated from inbound enquiries made on the site. When an enquiry is made we manage the process of communicating with the prospect to qualify the requirements, nurturing the relationship and then converting when they are ready to meet with a partner.

QBSelect (The Netherlands)

QBS group and the Dutch organisation Nederlands Kenniscentrum (NKC) have joined forces in finding ‘perfect matches’ between potential customers and our partners. Goal is to develop real sales opportunities based upon a perfect match. As a result of the agreement between QBS group and NKC we can offer this program against a very sharp collective rate. Depending on the SLA the partner discount can be as high as 45% versus the regular rate of NKC! Next to this you do not need to invest in advance in so-called lead bundles and only pay for the leads you receive.

Contact us, if you want to know more about this service.