Take the Lead

Working with lead generation is not about hit’n’run activities, as most marketers will agree. At least they should not be. But yet many companies work in a way that only when the pipeline runs dry – that’s when investing in marketing comes to mind. And then the expectation for results in many cases is unrealistically high.

Having a steady stream of leads coming in requires as well a steady marketing effort – that way you can have a constant discovery of new prospects while “massaging” potential suspects into hot leads on an ongoing basis.

You don’t do this by a single instance of buying an updated list of contacts in your segment audience – what do you want to do with that list? Or even perform a telemarketing activity on that list to identify the low-hanging fruits. What about those that won’t be ripe for dialogue before 7 months – how do you detect those? In many cases this just becomes “dead data” that lies around in the office. Same happens for many companies attending any live event as exhibitor – attracting potential clients to a booth or seminar. Only the customers that are actively looking for a solution here and now are being attractive enough for the sales people to get in touch with. Rest of the attendees are neglected – even though they, by attending, have shown their interest and with some effort probably would lead into sales conversations at a later stage.

Now all this can be challenging to set up in your own environment. That’s why QBS group offer to our partners to conduct these activities on your behalf. From traffic generation to nurturing activities.

What is Take the Lead?

With our marketing program Take the Lead we will be driving traffic to a software selector portal “Business Software Navigator”, where the customer performs their own profiling for a match with the right solution, amongst the ranks of QBS partners. QBS group will run relevant lead generating activities to identify new potential prospects - and qualify these before handing over sales qualified leads in your hands.

Take The Lead 1

Take The Lead 2
This way you can concentrate on the last steps of the sales cycle: when a customer has expressed interest in dialogue around how they can benefit from a new solution.

Activities could include (depending on best local fit):

  • Adwords
  • Telemarketing
  • Nurture flows
  • Live event participation
  • Webinar execution
  • Email marketing
  • Competitive attacks
  • Retargeting
  • Social media activities

What mix of activities are set up will vary from country to country – depending of effectiveness.

Now – we know there’s a lot of independent lead brokers out there, promising quality leads for varying prices. The difference with QBS group is that we have just as big an interest as you do to deliver quality leads – our joint business depends on this. To ensure this quality we have invested in internal resources with good knowledge within your segment and for ERP and CRM, qualifying the leads before handing them over to you. We only deliver the lead to you where the customer is in the last stages of the buying process. Take The Lead

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Until then we hang on to the lead, nurture them via our campaign automation initiatives and follow up by our Business Software Consultants at installed triggers within the nurture flow. You pay with Quattros for your participation in the program.

If you want to learn more about the program, download prices and conditions in your region – please go to QBS Partner Portal and download the Take the Lead documentation under the marketing section – or fill in contact form here, and your local QBS marketer will be reaching out to you for options in your region.