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Partner Care

You are an expert in your (market) segment. However, in order to deliver a segment specific end-to-end solution, additional knowledge and experience will be required. Our Order Desk and Service Desk deliver services in the areas of order handling, License and BREP support and handling of incidents and problems. These services add value to your revenue growth and customer service level and reduce your operational order handling costs.

You will probably recognise one or more of the following issues:

  • No professional and/or unorganised Service Desk
  • Insufficient knowledge and skills to handle all kinds of Dynamics orders
  • Insufficient support capacity to handle incidents
  • No power to handle escalations at Microsoft EOC/Business Centre
  • Not enough knowledge to offer and handle ISV solution orders and BREP

Order Desk

QBS-group -Infographic -Partner -Care -650x 250

QBS Order Desk will take care of processing your orders for new licenses and additional licenses and will take care of processing your maintenance contracts (BREP renewal).

Service Desk

We support you by:

  • Offering support through our Partner Service Desk
  • Providing predictable License and BREP order support
  • Providing License advice and support when needed
  • Provide support for Subscription and SPLA
  • Informing you about the latest Microsoft promotions
  • Offering cooperation in handling incidents
  • Delivering “best ISV” solutions
  • Offering outsourced hosting services delivery

Maximise your (subscription) license and BREP revenues!