Today’s world is challenging for Microsoft partners as projects require optimisation of resources and competencies. The demand for qualified people is not a straight line; as it is impossible to predict obligations and peaks within a project, you will experience staff shortages and surpluses during a year. Often a shortage at one partner means a temporary surplus at another.

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the key players and customers demand the best partners and teams to get the best Return on Investment. A complex project can demand up to 17 competencies, which is quite substantial even for the largest partnerl. To successfully complete your projects you need qualified and experienced specialists with in-depth knowledge of the industry. Not even the larger Microsoft partners have all this knowledge and expertise within their own range.

In order to support you in the optimisation of your resource and project needs we work closly together with Dynasource. Dynasource will allow you to move beyond your current team and enables you to put together the best team when and where you need them.

Dynasource offers you the possibility to hire experienced subject matter experts for existing projects or new projects. You can easily post resumes online of your workforce, their availability will be managed by themselves creating opportunities for shorter or longer periods of time.


Dynasource allows you to minimise the difference between supply and demand thus increasing your turnover and efficiency. 

With the QBS group community you will have a large community database full of capacity and knowledge at your fingertips. Should you not find the right match within the QBS group community, then Dynasource will look outside of the community for the perfect match. The Dynasource community includes global partners, with expertizes in all Microsoft technologies.

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