QBS group partners up with Slimstock

On December 5th, Quattro Business Solutions (QBS group), Master VAR for Microsoft Dynamics, and Slimstock established a new partnership. “Companies which manage inventory find that in practice their ERP system offers less than optimal support”. The combination of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Slim4 is a software solution that is indispensable to companies in the current economic climate”, says Herman van Leeuwen, responsible for Innovation at QBS group. “A lot of efficiency can be gained by proper Inventory management. By supplementing the Microsoft ERP system with Slim4, Microsoft Dynamics NAV users are able to properly optimise their inventory”.

Staying ahead of the competition

Around 60 Microsoft Dynamics Partners from five different countries have already become a QBS group partner which makes QBS an ideal partner for Slimstock. Ronald de Bakker, responsible for Marketing at QBS group, is looking forward to the partnership: “By informing our partners and thereby their customers about the opportunities that the integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Slim4 offers them, we help them to stay one step ahead of the competition. With a solid ERP-system as a basis, an add-on like Slim4 is the ideal opportunity to excel and thus to remain competitive”.

Past successes

Slimstock customers like Aurora Ltd, Coulisse, Delinuts, Natural Products Ltd (NPW), Highlite International, and Wildkamp have already achieved great results through the integration of Slim4 with Dynamics NAV. Thanks to Slim4, at Coulisse they were able to generate 40 percent more turnover with the same personnel, in the same time period, and without extra capital requirements. Wildkamp increased their service level from 96 to 98.5 percent with help from Slim4, while their inventory was reduced by 15 percent. “Thanks to Slim4, we work more efficiently and thus have more time for our customers. Since the availability and reliability continuously increase, we are making big steps in the area of customer satisfaction. That’s our main aim” says René Makkinga, Head of Logistics at Wildkamp.

Market leader in stock optimisation

This year, Slimstock, the European market leader in stock management with more than 500 customers and around 20 offices worldwide is on target to provide solutions to over 75 new companies. “The cooperation with Mister-Auto makes us even more proud of the versatility of our software”, says Eric van Dijk. “In the last 20 years’ we have grown into an important player in the world market, with customers in every sector where stock management plays a big role”. The company, with its head office located in Deventer, the Netherlands, has well-known customers like Halfords and Hobbycraft, but also implements Slim4 regularly at smaller companies like specialty stores and local wholesalers.

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