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7 Strong arguments to sell Dynamics NAV today

Dynamics NAV finds itself in an interesting position today! On the one hand, it is the most successful ERP system in the worldwide mid-market by far. On the other hand, the recent announcements around Dynamics 365 created questions and even some confusion around its future. Sounds familiar to you?

In this edition of QBS Talks we give you '7 strong arguments to continue selling Dynamics NAV' as the safest choice in the market today, combined with the brightest future available. We’ll teach you three smart scenarios to take your prospective customer by the hand. Step 1: let them make a safe start with Dynamics NAV or CRM. And step 2: guide them into a great Dynamics 365 future whenever the product is completely localized and the transition moment is there for them.

After watching this valuable 52 minutes’ video, you’ll walk away with a good understanding of how to position your Dynamics NAV solution even better and more effectively in the ever-changing Microsoft world. Honestly, for you as a Dynamics NAV partner, missing this session is not really an option!

Guus Krabbenborg -small 

Guus Krabbenborg