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Do you know your new competitors with Dynamics 365 for Financials?

The new kids-on-the-block with outsell you on Dynamics 365 for Financials!

Just as you thought you had your grip on your direct competitors in the Dynamics NAV channel, here comes the new breed of "born in the cloud" Dynamics 365 for Financials new-kids-on-the-block.

Up to now, you have been able to showcase your competencies, capabilities and company strengths whether you have been "head-to-head" with other ERP vendors, or existing NAV VARs. It hasn't mattered if you won or lost against these competitors: they are seen as your constant antagonists and you have assumed that "I may have lost this time, but next time I will win".

This is exactly how most Dynamics NAV partners think. Let me tell you that you need to start thinking differently! Your new competitors are a different kind of antithesis. You could define these as:

  • Start-Up & entrepreneurial
  • Aim for high customer adds with minimum accountability
  • Building their practice on a OPEX model: CSP recurrent revenue
  • Vibrant and with a "no job is to small!" attitude
  • Considerably cheaper than your daily rate! Let's remember: they could be a "one man band" acting as marketing/sales/implementers.
  • They would typically spend most of their days working hard and capitalising on the Microsoft brand.
  • Will be "low touch" after initial customer deployment
  • They know what they are selling and how to say "No, it won't do that!" - they are both smart and upfront
  • They may be your employees going solo and exploiting the new market

These new competitors may sound pesky to both you and I, but you need to really look at the opportunity afforded to them before we point fingers at them: they have been handed a great "All-In-One" solution, Dynamics 365 for Financials. This product bears the very recognisable and quality-assured Microsoft trademark! Microsoft Dynamics has a history spanning beyond 15 years in Microsoft's ownership, together with a huge commitment for R&D and a clear roadmap. Integration features into the wider Microsoft stack are clearly a selling point against the likes of Sage 50, Xero, NetSuite and other cloud-based solutions.

They are seeing an opportunity that's too good to be missed.

They are seeing an opportunity that's too good to be missed. They know that they can leverage the Microsoft brand, Microsoft Cloud resilience and a simple "per user per month" pricing structure, together with tiered pricing which is both very appealing and easy to sell. They also understand that in order to be successful, they need to consider low overheads, high ROI when looking at the business model for their small enterprise. They have the determination to succeed and understand that investment does not need to come at a huge upfront cost. They don't need expensive NAV Developers, nor Project Managers, nor a well-oiled Service Desk, although support will matter to potential customers and services remain key to profitability. "Does the prospect need a certain type of functionality? Let me check the Appstore and see what's already there that I can resell to them?" would be their approach.

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So what is my advise to you today? Start thinking of emulating their approach. Don't let them gain grounds and outsell you. Think about how you could start a new line of business to go head-to-head with them.

Have I made you think already? Do you wish to find out more? I am happy to have a chat with you. Please feel free to contact me via email:

Andy de Rosa
QBS group