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Dynamic Communities NAVUG can help NAV Partners to build a Stronger Relationship with their Clients

Two months ago, I was contacted by The NAV User Group (NAVUG) with the request if QBS and her partners and end customers had an interest to join the coming Summit EMEA in Amsterdam.

My first reaction was NO, our partners do not see the value of a NAV user group and will see this as a business threat when exposing end customers to other competing partners also attending Summit EMEA. But after having a couple of internal discussions and also with some QBS partners I started to re-think my first reaction and thinking what business benefit could this bring to our partners when jointly attending or referring your end customers to Summit EMEA in Amsterdam on April the 4-6.

As you know we at QBS group, are always looking at how we can improve our partners’ businesses and therefore I wanted to reach out to each of you and share my thoughts, ideas and start some discussion on why you as a (QBS) NAV partner should attend Summit EMEA and what benefits this might bring you. 

Benefit I: Show your customer, that you dare to facilitate and act beyond

So when exposing your customers into the NAVUG you give them the chance to provide feedback to the NAV Microsoft product teams and give them a platform to exchange thoughts, ideas or express the worries they have. But above all it will show the customers that you dare to facilitate and act beyond just acting as  a trusted IT advisor.

Benefit II: Create a Long term Relationship

A Long term Relationship with your customers is the most valuable thing you can have as these customers will give you the best recurring revenue and profit. But this will mean that the customer needs to be willing to change and adapt to new technology. What better platform than Summit EMEA to hear all the new exciting stuff from the vendor but above all let peers tell about success of new technologies and which benefits it brought to them. So when driving home from the event you should have multiple upsell and cross-sell leads to be discussing for the coming weeks and create a great (quickly created) pipeline.

Benefit III: Get Customers feedback

By learning and being close to all the new IT developments from the Microsoft teams you can immediately sense the feedback from the customers in the room. What better proof for you to make a company business decision on where to invest in when it comes direct from the source, the end customer! 

Benefit IV: The NAVUG is your USP

The NAVUG could be used as a Unique Selling Point and even a differentiator in every new sales engagement. It can be perceived as a comfort and a safe haven in the knowledge that there is an end user NAV platform where they can discuss with peers, learn from others’ experiences and ask opinions and feedback. After all “one of the most important things in sales is all about taking away distrust and uncertainties at the customer side” and this could be just that last customer concern in order to propel  yourself to the next sales round or win the deal.

The NAV User Group (NAVUG) can provide you with all of the above and more and help you build a stronger bond with your clients. So I am really proud that QBS group and the NAVUG have created a special deal for all the QBS partners by offering you the following;

When you register together with a NAV end customer we will provide you and the end customer 50% discount to the Summit EMEA 2017 (April 4-6 in Amsterdam). QBS Partners can give the code to as many end customers as they wish.

So, I really hope and trust that you will be signing up and take this opportunity to learn from the sessions, spend valuable time with your customer and that this will become a meaningful future platform to build on and for you to make the right future business investments around Dynamics NAV/Dynamics365 for more future success.

Looking forward to welcoming you at the Amsterdam Summit EMEA 2017 or reading any feedback from you on your past or future experiences around the NAVUG.

And do not forget that Amsterdam is also a great city to spend time in and enjoy the diversity it can give you and your customers.

Nelson Tavares da Silva QBS group
Nelson Tavares da Silva
Business Developer
Summit -EMEA-2017-Amsterdam -NAVUX

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