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The new role of Marketing

In the past many marketers mainly have been busy with marketing communications and short term - interruptive - lead generation. The orientation and buying journey in the B2B market has changed dramatically over the past years.

Customers now orient and decide about their shortlist based upon their online experience (websites, blogs, social media, forums....). Typically they will only have contact with sales people after they have already travelled about 50-70% of their buying journey.

Based upon the above, it is Marketing that has to change and take the responsibility for helping the customer with his buying journey. It is a dramatic change for many organisations, but if performed well, will be a strong driver for leads and additional business.

Key to this are deciding about your target market and knowing your potential customers. Based upon this you need to define the so called buying personas and build understanding of their needs, pains and behavior. Then, future selling starts with sharing your knowledge first. Provide relevant content for each step of the buying journey and potential customers will recognise you as an expert and thought leader. Certainly not an easy step and a marketing journey for many companies, but if you do not start now, your future is one of many uncertainties.

Of course at Quattro Business Solutions we aim to support our partners with their marketing journey. I look forward to discussing this with you and your team.

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Ronald de Bakker
VP Marketing