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Top 3 unutilized arguments to select Dynamics NAV

Research learns us that Microsoft Dynamics partners show up on short lists more, than any other competitor. But have problems converting these leads into concrete deals. Sounds familiar to you?

Most Dynamics NAV partners focus their sales pitches on functions and features and target these pitches to the operative and tactical levels in the prospects organization. Unfortunately, by acting this way, they fail to utilize a series of powerful arguments that advocate for Microsoft Dynamics NAV over other competitors. And on top of that, fail to address one of the main concerns for the strategic level/the business owners.

In this video you'll get an overview of the Top 3 most unutilized arguments to select Dynamics NAV. You will learn how to use them effectively in your marketing and sales processes. So that you will turn your Silver medals (second place) into Gold medals. If you're interested in closing more deals, more easily - you definitely don't want to miss this session!

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"This QBS Talk was excellent. Thank you for putting it together and presenting."

Steve Chapman
Senior Account Executive at Armanino LLP
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"This is a Must See Video on How NAV Partners can Appeal to the Strategic Buyer!"

Aristides (Ari) Smith
President and CEO at Next Generation Logistics, Inc.