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Make Money Using ISV Solutions

Nowadays, as a Microsoft Dynamics partner you can’t do without Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solutions. We understand that you can’t automate all of your customer’s business processes by yourself. Now you don’t have to because there are lots of ISV solutions available that can help grow your business and make you money!

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What are ISV solutions?

ISV solutions are additional software with which you can extend the standard functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics. There are horizontal ISV solutions, which can be used by companies in different industries. For example solutions for integration and e-commerce. Then there are vertical solutions, designed for companies in specific industries which automate industry specific processes.

There are four ways to make money with ISV solutions.

Implement ISV solutions

First of all, you can implement ISV solutions with your own customers. That way you get paid for doing the implementation. You also make money on selling the solution, which is usually a percentage of the purchase price. You receive a percentage of the annual maintenance fee from the ISV partner, which comes back every year.

Ka-Ching! (Can you hear that cash register already?)

Become an ISV partner

The second way in which you can make money is to become an ISV partner yourself. You get paid for selling your solution and for maintenance. Of course, a small percentage of that goes to the partners who have sold and implemented your solution but most of it goes to you. To become an ISV partner you need to register your solution with Microsoft and get CfMD certified.

Work with a competence center

The third way in which you can make money with ISV solutions is by working with a competence center. A competence center is a Microsoft Dynamics partner who helps other partners with the implementation of an ISV solution. They also deliver additional services such as support and pre sales. You can work with a competence center if you want to offer your customer a certain ISV solution but you don’t have the knowledge to implement it yourself.

Working with a competence center can help you make money more indirectly than the other options we mentioned. It will save you money, because you don’t have to invest in training. Your customer’s can rely on you to automate all of their business processes. You are their ‘trusted advisor’ when it comes to business software and they’ll remain loyal. Which ultimately will lead to more revenue because the next time they need a solution, you’re the one they’ll call!

Become a competence center

The fourth and final way to make money with ISV solutions is to become a competence center yourself. This is especially interesting if you have specific knowledge of an ISV solution which other partners don’t have. As a competence center you can help other partners with the implementation of an ISV solution with their customers. You make money for implementation, selling licenses, support and additional services.

We can help!

So don’t be shy about using ISV solutions, they are a great way to make money. Contact Sven Noomen if you’re looking for the right ISV solution for your customer or go to our marketplace for an overview of all ISV solutions from QBS group partners.

Sven Noomen
Sven Noomen
European ISV & PTS Lead

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