What is a Quattro?

As reseller partner of QBS group, your monthly SLA contribution is converted into Quattros. Quattros are our virtual partner currency, that you use to acquire our optional partner services.

The amount of Quattros you receive depends on your service level. We offer three Service Levels, each with their own number of Quattros. These are: Standard, Advanced and Extended. You can change your Service level on a monthly basis if you need more Quattros. More about our Service Levels

You also receive extra Quattros based upon the value of the perpetual licenses you order from us. We provide you with a marketing budget of up to 5% (depending on Service Level), based upon the purchase value of your licenses. Next to this Advanced and Extended partners can earn extra marketing budget based upon year over year license growth. The more successful you are, the more Quattros you'll receive to re-invest in marketing, sales or other QBS partner services!

For more information about our various Service Levels and our Quattro Fund, please contact your Partner Account Manager.