Project Management - Part 1 'This is how I deliver successful projects!'

The ability to deliver “project success” determines more and more your ability to win new projects! Today’s prospects are far from crazy. They want to understand in detail what they get for their money before signing anything. On top of that: if you might deliver a bad project – all the world will know this in no time thanks to today’s social media channels.

Delivering Dynamics projects is a challenge today! However, sometimes Dynamics partners make their projects over-complicated. Needless! By overlooking certain aspects or by accepting too many risks. Here are a few questions for you: Does your projects have clear business goals? And a good, compelling name? Does your customer make their best people available? And if they do so – do these people have enough time to accomplish their tasks? How good is their internal communication? How do you become “friends” with the internal project leader? How do you get the customer’s organization supporting the change process? And what do you do if the project threatens to run off the rails?

From the customer’s angle: in general, they are reluctant regarding ERP implementations. Understandable since most vendors still focus on winning deals rather than focusing on delivering world class projects. On top of that, vendors often speak a language that customers don’t understand (enough). And finally, vendors often make unjustified assumptions regarding foreknowledge, experience and the available capacity on customer side.

Target group:

Consultants and Project leaders for Dynamics NAV, GP, AX and CRM Projects

High-level training content:

  • What is the definition of project success and what’s the impact of project failure?
  • What are the conditions of a successful project and how do you practically complete them?
  • What is the role for the customer organization and how do you get these tasks understood and accepted at board level?
  • A new system equals change! How do you manage this in your projects?
  • This training is not just theoretical! We will also do some role games to practice what we’ve learned.

Training goals:

  • Understanding the concept of “project success” and applying this in practice
  • Getting clear which project tasks is the customer’s responsibility and how you can support them with this task
  • Understanding the change process during the implementation including the major pitfalls and how to prepare your customer for this challenge
  • Become a trusted advisor for the customer’s board with a focus on project success

The workshop "This is how I deliver successful projects" is a hands-on workshop based on lots of interaction, discussion, new insights and positive energy. The training will be delivered by Guus Krabbenborg, co-founder and co-owner of QBS Group. Guus is a seasoned international trainer and coach who is active in the international Microsoft Dynamics arena for more than 15 years.

At the end of this training you’ll walk away with smart structures, lots of new ideas and a world of inspiration on how to deliver successful projects!

But don't just take our word for it...

“The QBS Project Management training is an excellent course to jump start in an modern way to deliver highly professional projects. Guus is an excellent teacher and extremely well organized. His presentation of material was excellent. I would highly recommend this course for new as well as experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 project managers and consultants.”
Christian Mainka, Partner Technology Strategist | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Project Management - This is how I deliver successful projects

Course code:

Course duration / format course:
1 day

Course Tutor:
Guus Krabbenborg

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Church Road, Lane End, High Wycombe,
Buckinghamshire HP14 3HH,
United Kingdom

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