QBS Pack - Optimise your strategic NAV pitch

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner community loses more new business deals than it should! The number one reason for this is that partners tend to focus on the functions & features part of their offering and fail to address the strategic concerns of the customer’s management.

In order to help you understand these strategic concerns we’ve delivered a QBS Talks edition on the Top-3 Unutilized arguments to select Dynamics NAV. Please take the time to listen to this recording (26 minutes). It contains an interesting quiz, so you can test your knowledge of the NAV statistics.

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Just understanding is of course not enough! In order to help you effectively use the strong NAV statistics we’ve created a so called QBS Pack.

“A very interesting video, with strategic suggestions and helpful content in order to improve your Dynamics NAV deals and manage sales in a better way”.
Simone Rosa, Info Studi srl

In this Pack you learn how to advise your prospective customers to pay attention to this domain in their selection process. We explain how to use the strong NAV statistics in your advantage. And how to give your competitors a hard time.

Video Top 3 Arguments to select Dynamics NAV (65 minutes)

  • Understanding the decision making process
  • The selection criteria on various levels
  • What are the interests of strategic people?

The market position of Dynamics NAV

  • How to use the strong NAV statistics effectively?
  • The total number of NAV installations worldwide
  • The average number of users per NAV installation
  • The growth of the number of NAV customers worldwide
  • The number of localized versions
  • The size of Microsoft’s R&D budget
  • The size of the NAV partner channel
  • The importance of the NAV roadmap
  • NAV deployment: the power of choice
  • How to create a warm feeling around continuity and innovation?

Position and sell the concept!

  • Microsoft’s future
  • Microsoft’s future versus the competition
  • The importance of Microsoft Dynamics within Microsoft Corporation  

Product innovation

  • The importance of product innovation
  • Dynamics NAV and product innovation
  • Microsoft’s position in product innovation
  • Your competition and product innovation
  • So how strategic are the ERP products you’re competing with?
  • The most overlooked cost item in ERP system selection is…..
  • How to use this insight in 9 simple, but very effective steps  

Watch the video the 5 minutes sneak preview ’The Number of Localized NAV versions" to give you a quick inside of the Sales video Top 3 Arguments to select Dynamics NAV.

Sneak preview: The number of localized NAV versions (6 min)

This Pack delivers more than just knowledge and inspiration! Together with the video you will get the following deliverables:

  • A smart checklist* for measuring vendor continuity and innovation perspective that you can share with your prospects;
  • The text for a possible chapter in your proposal* regarding Continuity and Innovation;
  • A shorter version of that text for publication on your website*;
  • A slide on Continuity and Innovation that you can include in your company presentation*;
  • The complete Slide Deck.

*Language: English / German

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This QBS Pack - Optimise your strategic NAV pitch includes:

Language: English

  • Video Top 3 arguments to select Dynamics NAV (65 minutes).
  • Video of Satya Nadella
  • Slide deck Top 3 arguments to select Dynamics NAV

Language: English / German

  • Checklist for measuring vendor continuity and innovation perspective
  • Text for your proposal
  • Text for your website
  • Image Microsoft Dynamics Globe

Guus Krabbenborg

Per partner company: € 400 (ex VAT) or 50 Quattro for QBS group partners

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