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ISV Program

As an ISV your first focus is developing and delivering the best possible solution to your customers. Keeping up with the innovations of Microsoft and the associated life cycles is your main priority. The second focus is building a channel for your products. Doing both in a timely, cost effective and highly professional matter is a huge challenge for most companies.

In order to support you in growing your business, QBS group introduced an ISV program dedicated to building and extending your current partner channel.  With our dedicated and highly experienced resources we can help you improve the quality of your network and generate more business. In this way an ISV can focus on what they do best, building a great solution.

We offer a set of tailored services to our ISV Partner community. These services have been constructed with the specific requirements of ISVs in mind.
Some examples of our services:

  • Promotion of your solutions via QBS Channels and Marketplace
  • Partner Recruitment & Management
  • Partner Care
  • Access to QBS events, webinars and marketing services
  • Distribution / first line Service Desk in local language
  • Setup of competence centers across our countries
  • Sales support and qualification
  • CfMD Support

Our services are bundled in two programs. An endorsement program and a distribution program. When you join one of the programs your will be assigned a dedicated ISV lead for all your questions and support. The setup of the program is on a country by country and solution by solution basis. In this way you can choose the perfect combination for your specific needs.

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