Online Marketing

Today customers use the internet as their first port of call when seeking information. These potential clients will naturally use search engines, social media, forums, and blogs or search the websites of their existing or potential suppliers.

 For this reason it is absolutely vital that your website – and with it your organisation – can be quickly and easily found. It also needs to contain relevant information (content) closely connected to the requirements of your target group and their areas of interest. Today it is no longer about who makes the highest financial investment in advertising; it is about who has the best story and perhaps even more crucial, the solution. This offers an important opportunity for many businesses and QBS group and her marketing partners are here to support you in this process with our Online Marketing Services.

Online Marketing offers a complete package geared towards optimising your online presence. The aim is to set up your online marketing in such a way that the conversion from visitor to qualified lead will rapidly increase. 

Online Marketing supports you with the following services:

Online Marketing Strategy
Analytical Services
Website Optimisation
Traffic Management
Online Scan

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Online Marketing Strategy

The starting point of any Online Marketing Strategy is your marketing plan. This will describe, among other things, what your core promises and solutions are and identify your target groups and their needs. Together with you, we can then determine, based on this plan, how best to exploit the various online marketing means and channels.

In a practical assessment, consisting of one or more sessions, we discuss all the possibilities and opportunities of online marketing, analysing your current activities and finding out where the opportunities lie. The objective is to create an online marketing plan which addresses how best to utilise the various online marketing tools available.

Analytics Services

It is essential to obtain a clear insight into the success of your marketing activities and put in place accurate means of measuring this. It is also vital to know your website visitors, where they come from, what sort of technology they use, which pages they find interesting and which of these lead to a successful conversion. It is perhaps just as important to find out which parts do not (as yet) work so well. For example, which are the pages where visitors choose to head for the exit. Knowing this will provide you with a clear view of what really works on your website and what needs to be further optimised.

Various analytical programmes are available to provide this information, including Webtrends, AT internet and comScore. If you don’t currently use an analytical tool, then Google Analytics is a good place to start. A free-to-use facility, it is easy, fast and offers a great deal of fascinating data, providing you with neatly arranged information about your online activities. Our Analytical Services can demonstrate exactly what Google Analytics has to offer, and show you how these insights can be transformed into strategic plans for your business.

Measurement and analysis of your website activities is an important first step and forms an excellent basis for making successful use of our online Website Optimisation services.

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Description of the service

We will set out a personalised Google Analytics dashboard for you. In addition, you will also receive a clear and detailed overview every month.

Website Optimisation

Once you have gained insight into your website performance, you can start to use our Website Optimisation services. This will help to increase the number of relevant visitors to your website and maximise their conversion into successful leads.

Website optimisation ensures that your website is more easily identified by the various search engines and that the increased visits lead to conversion. For example, including an appropriate image on a landing page or simply adding or relocating a call to action can lead to an improved click ratio, which in turn can translate as an increase in conversion.

Website optimisation consists of two parts: Website content optimisation and SEO technology optimisation.

Website content optimisation

What is the most appropriate kind of text and which are the right images for your site? Working together we can determine the correct message for your most important landing page, then optimise this page to increase the success factor. The goal is to answer the question: does the page optimally fulfil the desired objectives?

SEO technology optimisation

This offers an explanation of the most important basic rules to abide by, ensuring that your website can readily and rapidly be identified by search engines such as Bing and Google. You will receive a monthly overview, setting out the various elements that can be adjusted to improve your SEO score. We also check to see that your site is optimised for the various platforms, such as Explorer, Chrome and Safari, and whether your website is easy to read in various mobile environments, including iOS, Android, OS X and Windows.

Description of the service

In a personal workshop, we will identify with you the best keywords by which you would like to be found. The various technical aspects will be comprehensively addressed and we will advise you regarding the optimisation of your website.
Our QBS Content Services can support you when developing the most appropriate content. This includes your website text, as well as reference cases and White papers.

Traffic Management

Your website is up, your landing pages have been optimised with the support of Website Optimisation services and, thanks to the Analytical Services, your site has been fully analysed, allowing you to monitor and measure the success of your website. But how do you now attract more visitors (traffic) to your website?

Once Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been applied and the most appropriate keywords have been identified, a large part of your visitors (traffic) will arrive via so called organic search results. In other words, the various search engines will increasingly seek out your website. As well as organic search results you can also generate visitors through the following channels:

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Link building

Link building ensures other websites provide a link to your website. In addition to improving the so called Page Rank, this will also increase the number of visitors to your site.

Email marketing

Newsletters or email marketing activities.

Direct mail

If you would like to approach an entirely new target group, it is not possible to send this group an email without their agreement (opt-in). An excellent alternative, however, is to approach this group by way of a direct mail campaign. The aim is to funnel the prospects via the direct mail campaign to your website.

Social Media

Social Media is perfect for focusing your message on your target group. Social Media consists of more than just Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also touch your target group through channels such as YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, Slideshare, etc. Using a variety of social media channels effectively will create synergy to your online messaging which will benefit your business.

Search engine advertising

Consider the option of advertising on search engines' own pages. Consider for example Google Adwords or Bing Ads. Whereas website optimisation will have a noticeable effect over the longer term, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) can help you to be found almost instantly.

Display advertising

Finally, you can increase name recognition and generate unique visitors to your website with display advertising. Good examples are web banners, which can be placed with various publishers.

Description of the service

In a personal workshop, we will determine with you what the best opportunities are for improving traffic to your site. This will be clearly set out in a plan of action.
Our advice is to combine your Traffic Management activities as far as possible with Telemarketing. We can of course support you with this via our QBS TeleBusiness Services.

Online Scan

Your website and Social Media play a crucial role in generating new sales channels. To provide you with clarity or demonstrate where you stand in this respect, we have developed the Online Scan. The Online Scan is the starting point for offering you information about the most impor­tant basic issues regarding online marketing, and particularly website optimisation. The scan will give you concrete pointers to help you begin optimising your online mar­keting in general and your website in particular. This will be based on the following subjects:

  • SEO and ‘findability’
  • Online image and appeal
  • Social Media efforts
  • User friendliness

You will receive a comprehensive report setting out the key points for improvement, which will be personally explained during an online session. 

Contact us, if you want to know more about this service.

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