Every business is faced with the challenge of how to effectively and efficiently target the people that it wants to speak to in order to win new business. The more targeted and tailored the communication, the greater the chance of avoiding wastage and the higher the propensity of generating new sales opportunities.

QBS Telebusiness

B2B buyers now carry out research far in advance of contacting a company. Marketing to prospective customers through a combination of inbound and outbound marketing techniques is now the most effective way of communicating with your target audience. Producing and sharing regular and relevant online content, which engages with and attracts prospects to your well designed, simple to navigate and easy to find website is crucial to generating warm leads. When combined with outbound marketing activity, including direct marketing using targeted data and followed up by high quality telemarketing, this increases your chance of success. We call it TeleBusiness.

Analysing existing customers to identify opportunities to cross and upsell, as well as developing a formal CRM programme to communicate with them, is also a key component of an effective marketing strategy. Taking a strategic approach to your marketing, lead generation and sales activities will, if executed by professionals, help your business to grow and be successful.

Your source for Marketing & Sales Qualified Leads

In collaboration with leading marketing partners, we have established QBS TeleBusiness Services. We use highly experienced telemarketers who have earned their spurs in the world of Microsoft Dynamics. This enables them to use your specific proposition to successfully focus their acquisition efforts directly on your industry and ensure a return on your investment. QBS group will naturally take care of all support and training to guarantee quality, without it being at the expense of your valuable time and budget.

Our telemarketers can use your CRM environment and cleanse and enrich your database in the process, enabling you to continue to benefit from the outcome of the telemarketing activity in the future.

We support our partners with TeleBusiness Services for various activities such as:

  • Supporting you with setting up your campaign and defining key messages
  • Determining and selecting campaign target audiences including sourcing relevant data
  • Generating and nurturing leads. This can include:
    • Upselling and cross-selling campaigns to existing clients:
      • Offering additional (Microsoft) solutions
      • Follow-up calls to clients regarding extension of both support and maintenance contracts
    • Periodic relationship management calls to existing clients
    • Follow-up calls for e-shots/direct mail campaigns and/or event invitations.
    • Execute new business campaigns including nurturing warm/long term leads until they are ready to convert to an opportunity
  • Profiling of databases
  • Market research to support new concepts and propositions.
  • Client satisfaction surveys.

Contact us, if you want to know more about this service.