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Every day you have to rise to the challenge of aligning your business processes profitably with benefits for the customer, cutting costs and keeping everything under control. This serves a single purpose: Making sure that business processes run smoothly and that they help you to reach your economic targets. With YAVEON ProE-SCM you are able to automate data flows and data interchange by parameterization. YAVEON – measurable performance!

With YAVEON ProE-SCM you are capable to cover:
  • EDI for Trade
  • EDI for Automotive
  • eMail automation (e. g. for eInvoicing)
  • Barcode-Scanner Integration
  • Intercompany and Masterdata
  • Workflow

As the supply and value added chains grow more and more complex, companies’ today need efficient tools for their Supply Chain Management as well as for communications and collaboration. 

YAVEON ProE-SCM offers a communication framework and a universal multi-purpose workflow tool for the chain of documents. YAVEON ProE-SCM fulfils two essential assignments:

  1. To enable data interchange with other systems into the required standard: This may be internal standards for the exchange of master data between plants or international industry standards like EDIFACT (EANCOM, EDITEC, and Odette), XML (OpenTrans, ...), VDA, etc.
  2. The processing of information and the impulse to trigger processes of execution, fault repair, notification etc. There is unlimited opportunities to setup workflows – from very simple to very extensive ones with multiple events and paths. 

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Sven Noomen
Name: Sven Noomen
Phone: +31 88 76 60 500

ERP - Data Interchange

Industry sectors:


Implementation time:
1 -5 days

Compatible with Microsoft Dynamics NAV:
NAV 2013
NAV 2013R2
NAV 2015
NAV 2016

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