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Making winners out of users

Do you want to bring more value to your customers? Do you want to have more arguments in place to justify an upgrade?

The traditional Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner channel has for many years focused on providing solutions for small and medium sized companies around the world. The focus for these implementations have in most cases been:

  • Customize the solution to fit the individual customer or organization
  • Define and create integration with external components or applications (i.e. webshop)
  • Deploy selected third party add-ons to enhance the solution (i.e. JetReports)
  • Test, training and implementation support

The majority of these implementations are centered around Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the features and functions coming from this.

What about the users?

The most valuable part of running a company is and have always been the employees and whatever tasks that they are handling in the business. Let me give you an example; We all know that it is important for a craftsman to have the most powerful and reliable tools available to perform his job. Power tools and screw drivers come in many forms and shapes – all designed to a specific purpose.

IT users have for many decades suffered from the lack of possibilities to adapt the user experience to their specific needs generating frustration and time consuming processes.

Today the modern IT user strives to get the most benefit out of the applications they are using. Yes, applications – not just Microsoft Dynamics NAV – they actually use other tools to perform their jobs. As a modern IT supplier, we need to take this into consideration as well.

In this Talk you will learn why we need to put users in front of their applications and provide the overview they need to obtain their business goals and help them perform their daily tasks. People are different and need different tools – one size doesn’t fit all.

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Niels Erik Hansen
Niels-Erik Hansen
Nordic Regional Lead for QBS group