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Business Edition is off - long live Tenerife!

Our team is just getting back from Directions in Madrid. It was a remarkable event in many aspects. First it has been the 10th anniversary of Directions and fact that it has been now with more than 2.000 attendees is not just a testament to the success of Directions, but also to the momentum this community of partners have built.

At same time, Directions this year signaled a significant step in the product strategy for NAV and the SMB agenda for Dynamics. While Microsoft gave up on having two editions of Dynamics 365, by basically no longer launching the Dynamics 365 Business Edition, it become clear that the NAV platform remains an important pillar to the Dynamics 365 strategy. This statement has been doubted in weeks before, after some announcements that could have led partners to believe that NAV becomes almost legacy. But if anything, no one should have any doubt that NAV will stay platform of choice for customers that want to have a suite of business process capabilities, delivered on-prem or through cloud. 

That is an important message, the capabilities and in fact the code base is 100% identical, regardless if you want to deploy on-prem or cloud. So the promise, that your customers can migrate to cloud in their terms, is not just a promise. And you can then add capabilities as you go, being it in sales, marketing or field service or even human talent. Since all Dynamics applications, including next version of NAV, code name Tenerife, will use the Common Data Service, they can seamlessly work together.

As QBS Group, we extend this agenda to you, we serve you and your business regardless if you want to deploy your solution for your customers on-prem or of you want to offer it through private or public cloud. We have the trainings and programs in place to help you migrate your solution to the Tenerife platform, we will bring you new customer prospects through our Take-the-Lead program, create new capacity in your technical teams with migrations service or help you build your strategy around your all up business or marketing wih our individual workshops. In any case we invite you to talk to us about your future, either in one of our upcoming QBShares, through your local QBS teams or by contacting me or any of our staff. Finally in case you want to know more about what main themes were discussed at Directions this year, we recommend that you listen to the recoding of our recent webinar "HOT News from Directions EMEA" and keep an eye out for our Directions business report, that provides you with all important insights.

Michael Hartmann QBSCCO

Michael Hartmann
CEO QBS group

Profile: Michael had several leading management positions at Microsoft and was involved in creating of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.