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The Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is Microsoft’s most important annual event. This year the event will be organized from July 10th – 14th in Toronto. Microsoft expects over 15.000 attendees from all over the world. The conference gives them a unique opportunity to hear directly from Microsoft executives and product experts about what’s coming in terms of product direction and business strategy. QBS group and Partner Master Class will attend this event.

On July 19th, only five days after the conference, we will deliver this webinar to inform you about the most important announcements and strategies as communicated at WPC 2016. If you're interested in understanding Microsoft’s direction for Fiscal Year 17 and beyond, you definitely need to sign up for this session. Sign up for this free webinar now.

WPC 2016 Business Report
For every sign up the WPC 2016 business report will be available. Free to all QBS partners!
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Available from 15th of August 2016; Language: English

WPC Business Report

This unique Business Report on Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference is written annually by Dutch consultancy Partner Master Class – affiliate of the QBS group. It features broad, insightful, and independent business reporting on the happenings at WPC especially for Microsoft Dynamics partners.

The WPC 2016 Report will be the twelfth annual publication by Partner Master Class. Over the years, the report is bought by leading Dynamics partners from all over the world.

WPC 2016 is expected to be even more important than ever before. Microsoft will of course share learnings and new strategies on the transformation process to the cloud. On top of that they are expected to talk about the internal transformation to SMB offerings in terms of products, teams, pricing and margins. And what that all means for the Dynamics partner channels. Finally, we will report the latest news regarding the recent announcement on the Dynamics365 initiative.

This year we have a slightly new approach. Next to attending all the relevant Dynamics sessions we’ll have 1-on-1 interviews with both Paul White and Marko Perisic. Paul is the worldwide lead for Dynamics NAV and Marko is the R&D manager for Dynamics NAV.

Please feel free to download the 2014, 2013 or 2012 editions of the report to get an idea of our report service.

Do you like it? Then be sure to order your copy of this valuable report now!


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