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JumpStart 365

MindsUnited is thé Dynamics 365 partner for click and ready solutions. She meets the needs of Microsoft partners. We give an answer an each complex Microsoft Dynamics issue by prepared and flexible modules or links.

The main advantages:

  • Extremely user friendly
  • Lightning-fast implementations
  • In the Cloud
  • No investment needed
  • Scalable subscription model
  • Broad portfolio

Jumpstart 365

Do you want your customer to start quickly with Microsoft Dynamics 365? (Formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM). It’s possible with Jumpstart 365! Let your customer set up their  own Dynamics 365 environment easily and affordable.
MindsUnited offers Jumpstart 365 Sales and JumpStart 365 Email Marketing.

How does it work?

  • Register your customer in Jumpstart 365.
  • Let your customer set up their own Dynamics 365- environment by answering multiple choice questions. This related to sales, service and marketing.
  • Your customer has quickly a customized Dynamics 365-envoirnment.
  • Your customer can now choose additional modules
  • Jumpstart 365 includes support and development


An online integration platform to combine other software such as CRM, accounting or webshop. CloudChains provides integration between for instance your Dynamics 365, accounting or shop. From 50 euros per month.

How does it work?

With Cloud Chains you connect multiple business processes and packages together. CloudChains ensures that a certain event in a software environment leads to an action in the next application, as if they are a single system.
For example: Your customer approves an invoice in his application, which automatically leads to sending the invoice via email, booking the invoice in the online financial system, and a shipping order for the warehouse or the external shipper. Your customer does not need to perform any additional actions, or to switch to Outlook and/or the bookkeeping application.

Jumpstart Crm 218X 90

Installation tool for Dynamics 365

Industry sectors:

Implementation time:
1 -5 days

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