Discover2WIN! and Demo2WIN! for pre-sales

Generate opportunities is a challenge. And, once you have an opportunity, you want to make sure that this will be converted into an order. Richard Bross challenges you to take appropriate actions, to optimize your win ratio.

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Owners, Sales, Pre-sales

Day 1: Discover2WIN

This 1-day course is a preperation for the Demo2Win course and will help presales and sales individuals form structure around their discovery sessions with prospects prior to demonstrations. It introduces some different techniques for information gathering and allows the attendees to apply these through a series of exercises.

Please bring a Laptop to store and utilize the discovery supporting materials and remember to complete the e-learning prior to the course.

The main objective is to ensure that each attendee gains the skills, structure and techniques to conduct a successful discovery session and help drive a winning demonstration.

The course will cover these broad areas:

  • Concepts and Guiding Principles 
  • Pre-Discovery 
  • Questioning Strategies 
  • Discovery Interviews 
  • Alternative Techniques Transitioning information


Day 2: Demo2WIN

A 1-day skills oriented workshop for Microsoft Partners who present and demonstrate Microsoft Dynamics solutions Intended.

An understanding of one or more dynamics products Prior to the workshop each attendee is required to invest the time in learning the core philosophies to establish a foundational knowledge that is absolutely key to making the workshop productive.
Each student should budget 4 hours of pre-learning time in order to complete the eLearning prerequisite.
Complete 4 hours of eLearning – “Microsoft Dynamics Demo2Win!” Access information will be emailed to you upon registering for the event.
Come prepared to present a short demo which includes the three key demo scene components learned in the pre-learning: a Limbic opening, Tell-Show-Tell loops and Value closing.
Please ensure you bring your laptops and VPC images of your Dynamics Products as there will be a presentation at the end of the session.

The goal of the MS Dynamics demonstrating to win workshop is simple: deliver a practical, proven set of skills, tools and procedures that both beginners and veterans can immediately put to use to improve their demo-to-win ratio

The workshop focuses on the presentation elements of a Microsoft Dynamics software demonstration.
You will learn numerous techniques for effectively engaging the audience, showing business processes to different personality types and delivering benefits.
After modeling how a demonstration should be given, students are given an opportunity to test drive what they learned.
Throughout the day, Microsoft Dynamics software is used to deliver examples of the techniques being learned as well as the most common mistakes (Demo Crimes) committed.


Discover2WIN! and Demo2WIN! for pre-sales

Course code:

Course duration:
1 day

250 Quattro per day/per attendee for QBS Partners
or £495 per day/per attendee for Non QBS Partners

Lane End Conference Centre,
Church Road, Lane End, High Wycombe,
Buckinghamshire HP14 3HH,
United Kingdom


Course Tutor:
Will McIntee

The workshops start daily at 9:30 am and last until 5:00 pm.

Dates and schedules are subject to changes. Always download the latest version of the QBS training schedule.

Also if you would like to follow this course but you are not a QBS Partner, please contact us via with your details and we will get back to you.

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