Dynamics 365 & Power Platform – Special Interest Group

The Power Platform Special Interest Group is designed to help partners gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform and the business areas that can be positively impacted through adoption of this technology.

Covering a variety of topics including the Microsoft Dataverse, Power Apps (both Model-Driven Apps and Canvas Apps,) Power Automate and others, this group will also be used to provide insights into the QBS Cloud Toolbox and the benefits of using this to monitor and manage customers, deploy managed solutions and protect intellectual property.

Who is it for?

Both strategic leadership, pre-sales and technical roles should benefit from attending these webcasts.

The agenda will usually be split into two sections; Firstly, a value proposition session helping translate technical capabilities into business value and the impact that can be seen relating to specific scenarios.  Secondly, technical overviews, demonstrations, and examples of what can be achieved will also be provided.

Why should I attend?

This series of webcasts will share the latest information on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and associated applications from a CRM perspective across business, functional and technical areas.

The webcasts are free of charge for partners with active QBS memberships, will last up to one hour in duration, and will also facilitate shared knowledge networking welcoming questions and partner contributions to the forum.

When is it?

The webcast runs on the final Friday of every month, 15:00 CET, 14:00 BST/GMT

Friday – April 30 – 15:00 CET, 14:00 BST/GMT
Friday – May 28 – 15:00 CET, 14:00 BST/GMT
Friday – June 25 – 15:00 CET, 14:00 BST/GMT
Friday – August 27 – 15:00 CET, 14:00 BST/GMT
Friday – September 24 – 15:00 CET, 14:00 BST/GMT
Friday –October 29 – 15:00 CET, 14:00 BST/GMT
Friday – November 26 – 15:00 CET, 14:00 BST/GMT


Michel van den Brink
Michel van den Brink
Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform Technical Strategics
Chris Parkes
Chris Parkes
Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform specialist

Webinar: MB-800 exam for Business Central – Introducing the new preparation program

Very soon, Microsoft is launching the new MB-800 exam for Functional Consultant certification in Dynamics Business Central. This exam will enter the Beta phase on or around the 6th October 2020. Details can be found here:



QBS Group is pleased to invite you on this insightful webinar, where we will disclose important information regarding the Exam structure, expected duration of the exam, how you can sit the exam and what you would need to focus on to pass it.

In this webinar you will hear from our guest speakers who are behind in the design of the MB-800 exam and are able to give more details and cut down on speculation! Our guests will also talk about the revamped Business Central Advanced Product Specialist Program (powered by Business Central Booster) already available via the QBS Academy and how this includes the all the elements required to pass the Exam. QBS Group will conclude by presenting a new offering which is a cut-down version of this Program, aimed exclusively at preparing for the exam, whilst keeping your costs to a minimum.


Do not miss this Webinar, the MB-800 is on everyone’s mind at the moment and here is your chance to find out more!


When: Wed 30th September @ 11:00-12:00 CET

Where: GoToMeeting

Boost your IP migration

How to Choose Your C/AL to Extension Transition Alternatives Wisely

Observing our Business Central Partners, we have noticed that transitioning to Extensions will lead to certain challenges. Starting by selecting the right transition approach.

Our key partner, 1ClickFactory, would be de the ideal guide on this trail. During this webinar Business Central Developer, Mantas Paskevicius, will take you throught the options, provide insights to help you understand the potential and threats, and also recommend how to make the best choice.


  • Options when transitioning to Extensions.
  • Transition approaches for On-prem versus SaaS.
  • The impact of the Dynamics 365 Business Central spring release on your transition to Extensions.
  • How to plan your transitional steps.
  • Limitations you might face when transitioning to Extensions.
  • Tips on how to speed up the transition process with C/AL to Extension Analyzer (demo).
  • Q & A

Let Azure Application Insights work for you

The rumor around Application Insights has been spread. Application Insights, a feature of Azure Monitor, is an extensible Application Performance Management (APM) service for developers and DevOps professionals.

Now it is time to discover what impact this brand-new platform can have on the way you deliver Business Central.

After this session, you will understand more of the way Application Insights allows you to monitor, troubleshoot and improve the performance of instances. The result: happier customers, and more time for you to innovate.

Target audience: Developers and Support engineers

The relevance of Azure in combination with Dynamics 365 Business Central

At first glance, some customers do not seem suitable for Dynamics 365 SaaS. Here the Azure Services comes into play; with tools to migrate every customer regardless of the complexity of their environment.

We all know Azure as a set of services for cloud computing. However, given the wide range of new developments within this Microsoft Azure suite, it is a real challenge to oversee all functionalities and evaluate the impact they could have on your business as Dynamics partner. The good news is that our PTS team is up to date. In this 1-hour session, you will be introduced to the most relevant solutions within the Azure suite and understand how they are linked to your business.

Target audience: Developers and architects

Best practices of migrating your customer to Business Central SAAS

“Migrating Dynamics NAV customers to Dynamics 365 Business Central SAAS – Now’s the time!”

In follow up to the presentation “Help… my customer wants to migrate to Business Central SAAS” at our QBShare, we have planned a follow-up webinar. During this 45 minutes webinar, Mark Brummel will share some best practices.

Already several of our partners are active in approaching their customers and showing successes in their process of migrating customers to Business Central SAAS. Of course, not all the projects went as smoothly as they were planned, but all these partners have finalized their projects successfully. In this webinar, we will share their best practices.

This webinar is interesting for all Business Central partners as well for technical people, as for sales or business owners. This webinar is a must-see if you want to survive in the new Dynamics 365 world.

Target audience
Sales, business owners, consultants, and developers

After this webinar, you have learned more about the ideal migration path and will give you new ideas on how to set this up for your own customers.

Dynamics 365 CRM Webcast

Get the latest insights from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

This series of Dynamics 365 CRM webcasts is intended to share the latest information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, both from a technical, functional and business perspective.

We hope you find it helpful and visit often.

When signing up you will be notified when the next webinar takes place. Please note, that these webcasts are not identical, we will build upon along the way with knowledge as it becomes available from Microsoft, from ou ISV’s and of course from out our side.







11 May 2020 16:00 – 16:45 CEST Business Application Summit update Watch recording
5 June 2020 15:00 – 15:45 CEST Dynamics 365 CE Licensing
Watch recording
24 June 2020 16:00 – 16:45 CEST Introducing Dynamics 365 Customer and Field Service
Watch recording
4 September 2020 15:00 – 15:45 CEST Dynamics 365 Customer Service
1. Customer Service Hub, Case Management and Queues
2. Managing Knowledgebase and use articles in Case Management
3. Updated Automatic Case creation in the Unified Interface (with Power Automate)
4. Updated SLAs in the Unified Interface (with Power Automate)
Watch recording
16 October 2020 15:00 – 15:45 CET Dynamics 365 Wave 2 Update
Watch recording
6 November 2020 15:00 – 15:45 CET Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
Watch recording


QBS Marketplace & ExtensionsAgent Webinar

Join us for a 1-hour webinar on QBS Marketplace – your platform for making money on your IP
“Why another marketplace?” we hear you ask – and that is a very fair point – the market is crawling with marketplaces…

At QBS we are always taking our partners challenges serious and our continuous focus is to help you grow your revenue and lower your costs. That’s why we had to react when we learned that partners, owning IP or dedicated ISV partners, have a hard time really monetizing their solutions. On top of that, it’s also become clear that a solution built with Extensions on top of Business Central SaaS is vulnerable to misuse. We couldn’t have that. That’s why we’re extremely excited to introduce our QBS Marketplace with the built-in ExtensionAgent, providing a secure and flexible way for you to offer your IP to the reselling channel and their customers.

Reach out to the biggest Microsoft channel of Business applications partners and fastest-growing installed base of Business Central SaaS customers.


QBShare UK Online!

We cordially invite you to our QBShare Online event taking place on Friday, December 4th 

The agenda is jam-packed with top-of-mind subjects led by QBS and Microsoft experts. We will also invite some of our partners to share great stories from the front-line.

Time Presenter Topic Duration
10:00  Will McIntee Welcome and vision 30 mins
10:30  Will McIntee News and feedback 30 mins
Break – 30 mins
11:30   Phil Gibbins & Chris Parkes Brexit –  Time is running out 30 mins
12:00  Will & Claus Busk Anderson, Director of Platform Program Management at Microsoft, Dynamics 365 Business Central Fireside chat  30 mins
Break – 15 mins
12:45 Michael Chewter Power Platform 30 mins
13:15 Will McIntee Ask the audience Quiz & Toast 10 mins – 10 hrs
End 14:00 Will McIntee QBStarz 5 mins

Make use of your Internal Use Rights (IUR) for Dynamics 365 CE

Do you already make use of the IUR that you automatically have with Microsoft licenses? If not – listen in to this webinar to get educated on how to get access to these.

Internal Use Rights

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement versus PowerApps

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement versus PowerApps – when to use what? Join us for a webinar to get a better understanding of the differences – and the similarities.

The Microsoft Power Platform combines Flow, Power BI and PowerApps. You may have the first to nailed – but what about that last one? PowerApps? Is this a useful tool for the senior user to build new ‘no code’ applications as many people probably still think it is? Actually no – not just that: there is much more to it! PowerApps is built on the exact same technology as the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement products are. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for Sales and its sisters are in fact Model Driven PowerApps.
All very well, but how can we use this technology and when do we choose what? In this session, we walk through several different real-life scenario’s using example builds to demonstrate the awesome power of the platform.

Get updated on – Inspire, Directions, eXtreme.

Every year there are a number of global or regional events that are relevant for the Dynamics partner channel – and in case you not in the fortunate situation where you simply book a ticket to each of them – which one to choose? Or what if you don’t have time to participate at all?

As a QBS partner you’re NOT left in the dark if you don’t have time to participate. At QBS group we participate in all of these events, Microsoft Inspire, eXtreme and Directions, with a number of people. We participate not only as QBS people – but also as representatives of the entire QBS partner community. Speaking our case – and bringing back the news and information that we all need to keep on forefront with our business.

We will keep you informed in various ways. Blogs, videos, webinars – and for Directions EMEA we are also producing our well-known business report providing a more in-depth look at the here and now status of the Dynamics business.

This page will always list the news from the most recent events – as well as list registrations for upcoming update events.

Microsoft Inspire 2019

inspire 2019

Directions North America 2019

took place in May 2019 – below are the recordings of the QBS recap videos and calls.


See video report from day 1

See video report from day 2

See video report from day 3

Webinar: “Hot News from Directions North America 2019” – 13 May, 15:00 – 15:30 CET. See recording here on the QBS Partner Portal (login required)

Monthly Dynamics Channel Partner Call

QBS Group are Dynamics partner fanatics and we believe communication is key to ensure you are the best informed Dynamics partners! Therefore, the third Friday of each month QBS Group along with guest speakers will be discussing top of mind subjects in this one hour call. You will have the opportunity to have your burning questions answered and get the complete low-down of all things Dynamics.

Pre-recordings and new dates for your diary:

Create more leads and win more deals through customer education

These days, IT innovation develops faster than ever before in history. While that opens great opportunities for organisations all over the world, it also creates a lot of stress since failure is not a realistic option (anymore).

Here are some of the dilemma’s for your prospects and customers:

  • We know we must modernise our business processes to stay relevant. But how to change the organisation? And what is the best timing?
  • How can we measure the expected continuity of the vendors on our shortlist?
  • How can we motivate our team members to put full energy into the project?
  • Should we migrate to the cloud now or is it better to wait?
  • We want our staff to be more agile in their thinking and their ability to change. But how do we get there? And what is the exemplary behavior needed from the management?
  • How can we avoid that Digital Transformation turns into ‘just another IT project’ with even more complexity?
  • How can modern IT tools support us in putting our customers first?

Where are your customers today?

In order to keep up with the competition, your projects must be successful in the first attempt. With a short Time-to-Value. Unfortunately, most of your existing and future SMB customers don’t have the knowledge, the persuasion nor the power to take the best decisions. Most of them select and implement for the first or second time in their lives. As a result, that creates big uncertainty. So it’s no wonder that ‘No Decision’ has developed into everybody’s biggest competitor these days!

Customer education

Modern and innovative Microsoft Dynamics partners focus on educating their customers and help them prepare for Successful Projects. Rather than pushing their solutions. This attitude not only helps them to create more leads and win more deals. It also secures the right support from their customers’ top-management when implementing these solutions.

About this webinar

In this free, 40 minutes webinar, Guus Krabbenborg will share his observations and the results he has achieved by his extensive customer education activities. He will inspire you regarding the best way to approach customers and prospects. Next to that, he will also position three different education formats. And shares the options he sees for your company to start delivering one or more of these formats yourself shortly. Guus has been delivering ERP and CRM Masterclasses to potential buyers ever since 2005.

This is a webinar that you definitely don’t want to miss!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE – update on price changes

Microsoft is introducing new database storage pricing plans for PowerApps, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement which will come into effect on 1 April, 2019

As your trusted advisor on Dynamics we offer you a short webinar where we will be going through these changes and offer you some advise on how you should tackle.

Update on Dynamics 365 Business Central

This series of webinars is intended to share the latest information on Dynamics 365 Business Central. Both from a technical, functional and business perspective. Besides sharing information, we will also update on the services portfolio from QBS group to assist on the road to Dynamics 365.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay on track with Dynamics 365 Business Central and sign up here.

When Signing up you will be notified when the next webinar takes place (see dates on this page). Please note, that webinars are not identical, we will build upon along the way with knowledge on Dynamics 365 as it becomes available from Microsoft.




7 February 2019 Watch here
14 March 2019 Watch here
11 April 2019 Watch here
9 May 2019 Watch here
13 June 2019 Watch here
27 August 2019 Watch here
14 October 2019 Watch here
18 November 2019 Watch here
12 December 2019 Watch here


The impact of the higher update frequency on customer satisfaction (and your own business!)

Microsoft is moving all her business solutions into the cloud. One of the impacts is a much higher update frequency. As we speak, this frequency is changing from every two years to every year to every half year and even every quarter. Have you already figured out what the impact is on aspects like your knowledge levels, your support liabilities and the quality of your support?

In this edition of QBS Talks we’ll discuss the impact of this new update frequency on the long-term satisfaction of your SaaS customers. And on various other aspects of your business. After this session, you’ll walk away with a good understanding of the impact of frequent SaaS updates and a series of ideas to turn this into smart strategies.

Hot news from the eXtreme365 EMEA event

The most important Microsoft Dynamics partner event in the CRM domain is called eXtreme365. The EMEA edition will be delivered this year in Dubrovnik, Croatia from March 19th till 21st. Microsoft Dynamics partners can expect announcements, updates and new strategies around Dynamics 365.

Like every year, QBS group is attending eXtreme365 with a team of people. And for sure we will write another edition of our famous series of Business Reports for Dynamics partners.

But before doing that we want to inform you at first hand via QBS Talks about all this news just a few days after the event. You definitely don’t want to miss this webinar!

How to effectively present your winning proposal

Too often, proposals for new Microsoft Dynamics solutions are purely measured on price. And this increases the chance of discounts and the postponement of the decision. One of the main reasons for this is the way most sales people present their proposals.

In this edition of QBS Talks you’ll learn how to present your proposal in a more effective way. One that moves your prospect’s focus away from price towards quality and business value. We will discuss the main characteristics of the decision-making process and the role that buying emotions play. After this session you’ll walk away with a good understanding of how to win more deals by effectively presenting your proposal.

Why should I care about IoT as an Microsoft D365/NAV partner?

Adoption of Internet of Things solutions across industries continues to accelerate, and Microsoft is leading on innovation to power these solutions.

Please join us in this hosted Microsoft webinar by Tony Krijnen around IoT and which business opportunities this might bring you as an NAV partner today. During this webinar you will get some insights on how easy it is to build and set up Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with Microsoft Azure. You will learn and see some vertical business IoT examples and which commercial opportunities this might bring you for your existing customers or future customers.



  • Introduction IoT
  • Vertical IoT business examples
  • Live demo; building an IoT solution in Azure
  • Call to action
  • Q&A